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Birth plan worksheet download

Birth plan worksheet

To wear my own clothes. To wear my contact lens the entire time. My partner to film AND/OR take pictures. My partner to be present the entire time. To stay hydrated with clear liquids & ice chips. To eat and drink as approved by my doctor. Use this easy fill-in-the-blank birth plan to prepare yourself for delivery and. BabyCenter Birth Plan worksheet – page 2. LABOR PROPS. If available, I'd like to try a: birthing stool birthing chair squatting bar birthing pool/tub. I'd like to bring the following equipment with me: birthing stool beanbag chair birthing pool/tub other. Our birth plan worksheet provides a list of labor, delivery, and postpartum options to discuss with your practitioner.

A birth plan is a roadmap that can help you have a positive birth experience. This page can give you ideas for each question, so you can fill out your own plan in the spaces provided on the next page. Once you create your plan, share it with your labor support people and your healthcare provider before you go into labor. Birth Plan Worksheet from Touro's Family Birthing Center. When creating your plan, be sure to ask yourself the following questions and include any other issues you feel strongly about. Mother's first and last name. Looking for a simple birth plan? You've found one! Download this free, one page visual birth plan that any labor and delivery nurse will appreciate.

My birth plan. Name: Due date: Where to give birth. You will have a choice about where to have your baby. Your midwife or doctor will be able to tell you what services are available locally and advise you on any issues to do with your health or pregnancy that may affect your choice. I would like to give birth at home. Birth Planning Worksheet. Name: Date: I have prepared myself for a birth that is as Safe and healthy as possible and prefer that interventions be used as a last resort, if at all. I plan to be actively involved in all decisions related to my labor and birth and request clear and open communication between myself and all medical.


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